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Get Your License

How to Get Your Amateur Radio License

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a licensed amateur radio operator! There are many aspects of the hobby to fascinate and enjoy, but we must always remember that using the public airwaves is a privilege, not a right.

The Technician Class License is the first of three test challenges in the hobby, and provides privileges in the 6 meter and higher bands, including the popular 2 meter band. Equipment for 2 meter communication is relatively inexpensive, and is great for local communication as well as regional communication through an extensive distribution of repeaters. You may also talk to other amateurs world-wide through EchoLink? and IRLP systems, which connect repeaters and amaters via the internet. Digital packet radio, Amateur TV, remote control vehicles,

Books and Online Information

The Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) is a great resource for study materials. They publish several books useful in preparation for all license exams. Check out and remember to check your local library for recent versions of "The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual".


You may also wish to get, and study, all of the questions in the question pool and take online practice tests.

When you are ready to take your exam, check our VETestSessions page as well as

Good Luck, and we hope to hear you on the air soon!

Volunteer Examiners (VE)

Donald James N2VU
Jami Olden N2ZTC
Wayne White K2AYQ
Dan Gealt WX2P
Len Denner W2RZ
Jim McKnight K2LM
Merrideth Corentto N2MOM
David Gealt KD2BVA

Adam Pearsall KC2TLS
Derrick Helms KD2ALW
Shawn Perry KD2DJU

EmComm Field Examiners

David Gealt KD2BVA
Dan Gealt WX2P