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Amateur Radio license VE Test Sessions and locations

Volunteer Examiner Test Sessions:

The Warren County Radio Club hosts amateur radio license exams throughout the year. Dates, times and locations are normally located in the news section of this website. If you do not see an upcoming date feel free to send us an e-mail.

Also, If you plan on attending one of our sessions, please send an email to and we will make sure we have enough testing materials for everyone.

The FCC will need an FRN number. Please register for your number through the FCC website. Bring your FRN number and your photo ID.  If you are upgrading also bring a copy of your current amateur radio license.

FRN registration can be done here


This is an excellent online adaptive study program

You can get a copy of the ARRL study books here

Or check out Gordon West's study books here on the WY5I page

Or search Gordon West on amazon

Volunteer Examiners (VE)

Donald James N2VU
Jami Olden N2ZTC
Wayne White K2AYQ
Dan Gealt WX2P
Len Denner W2RZ
Jim McKnight K2LM
Merrideth Corentto N2MOM
David Gealt KD2BVA

Adam Pearsall KC2TLS
Derrick Helms KD2ALW
Shawn Perry KD2DJU

EmComm Field Examiners

David Gealt KD2BVA
Dan Gealt WX2P