Repeater Info

Warren County Repeater System

The Warren County Radio Club Inc. has use of a linked repeater system from Warren County.

This linked repeater system is used for RACES, ARES, SkyWarn, and to support the local Red Cross Chapter in times of need with radio coordination for disaster management. When not being used for community events or emergencies, these repeaters serve radio amateurs by allowing them to stay in touch and be of service to visitors in the area by providing local information whenever possible.

Other Local Repeaters  This is a list of some of the other repeaters in the area based upon coverage into the Glens Falls Area. 

Repeater Etiquette  Our repeaters as well as most of the repeaters in the area are open to the public. Please be respectful when using them. Leave a few second gap between transmissions to allow others to join in or for emergency or priority traffic. Read over our repeater etiquette guide for more info.     

Prospect Mountain Repeater

The Prospect Mountain Repeaters are on Prospect Mountain in Warren County, Lake George, New York.  The approximate GPS coordinates are 43.4205, -73.7570. 


146.730  - offset  PL Tone of 100.0  

224.780  - offset  PL Tone of 100.0 (Stand-alone, Linked for Nets)

443.450  This repeater is only used for linking our system together

145.050  Packet digipeater

Gore Mountain Repeater

The Gore Mountain Repeater is located on Gore Mountain in Warren County, North Creek, NY.  The approximate GPS coordinates are 43.6730, -74.0488. In January of 2022 the analog Gore Mt repeater frequency was changed from 147.135 to 147.120 to help alleviate some interference with the repeater in Fine NY.


147.120  + offset PL Tone of 123 

442.250 + offset CC1 DMR on the UpstateTRBO network

144.39  APRS Digipeater

Burch Hill Repeater

The Burch Hill Repeater is located on Big Burch Hill in Washington County, Hebron, NY. The approximate GPS coordinates are 43.3314, -73.3391


147.775  - offset PL Tone of 146.2